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Przedstawiamy przykładowy list motywacyjny w języku angielskim na stanowisko księgowej, (Accountant Application Letter)


Application Letter


Warsaw, 23.10.2006

Anna Nowak
ul. Falenicka 77
96-001 Warsaw
telephone: 222 22 22

„AAA Sp. z o.o.”
ul.Fiołkowa 10
95-100 Warsaw

Dear Sir or Madam,
 I enclose my curriculum vitae in response to your advertisement in Gazeta Wyborcza dated 23-10-2006. I would like to apply for the position Accountant in the Finance and Accounts department of your company.

The position interests me for several reasons. My education and work experience has prepared me for the position I have been interested in accounting since the beginning of my studies and would like to work in this field in future. I’ve just finished post-graduate studies in Management Accounting and Controlling.

I have three-years’ experience in the finance of the company BIT SOFTWARE, where I had a chance to put into practice the knowledge I learned at university. As an accountant I was responsible for keeping accounting records correct and on time, analyzed financial statements, produced reports and input data on a computer system, so I became familiar with using accounting Software. I also posted to a general ledger and generated monthly and annual reports.

I easily learn new things and I am open to new challenges. I am precise, conscientious and observant, which in my opinion is very important in accounting. I enjoy working pressed for time. I am good at handling stress situations, where one has to act quickly and calmly. I am a creative, articulate person who finds it easy to communicate with others. I can work eficiently both in a team and individually.
I believe my qualifications and experience make me well suited to the position you are advertising. My enclosed CV provides additional details about my background. Thank you for your consideration.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Anna Nowak

[ 23/10/2006 ]